Join us for Season 6 of IHTV!

Join us for Season 6 of IHTV!

Our CEO, Angela Worrall and John Baker-Malpas host the brand new season as they travel around the Algarve highlighting properties, enjoy fun things to do, visit amazing restaurants and much more.

Our first episode starts in the East Algarve, where Angela and John catch a ferry to Ayamonte (Spain) from Vila Real de Santo Antonio and enjoy a scrumptious meal. We also explore new property for sale in the Algarve. Get ready for an exciting start to season six.

The new season will feature six new episodes every Thursday. You can tune in to see amazing properties across the Algarve. Property buyers will also be able to obtain insider knowledge from professionals and experts in all fields. The series is aimed at highlighting the Algarve and all the region has to offer from the weather, food, beaches, activities, culture and will capture the magic associated with the Algarve.

Topics such as the buying process, mortgages, rental and property management, the D7 visa, Golden Visa, currency exchange will be covered throughout the series. If you are considering purchasing a property abroad then make sure to watch the episodes.

As a property buyer all you need to do is subscribe to the Ideal Homes YouTube channel and you will be able to watch the new episodes weekly. Investors can also catch up and watch previous seasons on our YouTube channel.

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