About The Company

Ideal Homes Mortgages has provided brokerage services since 2013. This area of the business evolved organically from Ideal Homes Portugal's vision of providing service excellence, and ensuring clients requiring real estate financing were well informed and confident in their property purchases and investments in Portugal.

When property financing is required, or it is more advantageous to borrow, we ensure our clients have the best financial services Portugal has to offer at their disposal. To date, Ideal Homes Mortgages has helped secure €30M in real estate investments in Portugal, enabling our clients to successfully finance their dream homes and income returning investments.

In 2016, Ideal Homes Mortgages expanded its brokerage services to include external buyers in need of quality financial consulting, and in 2017 further extended its financial brokerage services to include property purchases within Portugal.

As of 2019, Ideal Homes Mortgages was recognised as a registered credit mediator with the Bank of Portugal (0003624).