Portugal Property Advantages

Portugal Property Advantages

When a fantastic quality of life is a main priority when considering moving or investing overseas, Portugal will certainly not disappoint. It has a low cost of living, healthy lifestyle and multiple residency and tax benefits, and easily considered to be one best places in the world to reside, whether retiring or looking for a family home. 

Portuguese Golden Visa

Portugal's Golden Visa is a residency-by-investment program which was launched in 2012 with the purpose of inviting foreign direct investments, particularly from non-residents. In June 2017, there had already been more than 800 investors approved, with its multiple benefits and fast track approach, it is clearly indicating the strength of the program and what it has to offer Portugal for its economic development and growth, consequently providing free access for applicants to European countries within the Schengen area. To be approved you simply have to do one of six things;

  • Acquire real estate over €500K
  • Invest in urban rehabilitation in excess of €350K (investment is at least 30 years old)
  • Set up a Portuguese company, employing 10 taxpayers
  • Transfer capital over €1M
  • Fund scientific and technological activities in excess of €350K
  • Support artistic production, recovery and maintenance of cultural heritage in excess of €250K

Non-Habitual Residency

An additonal option to the Golden Visa would be the Non-Habitual Residency, created in 2009 but put into action in 2010, this gives foreigners the opportunity to receive qualifying income tax free, both in Portugal and in the country of source of the income. You simply register at the local ministry of finance office as a tax resident in Portugal, you will be required to remain in the country for a period of 183, consecutive or non-consecutive, days. The NHR regime symbolises a major step forward in making Portugal a tax free jurisdiction for individuals in receipt of qualifying non-resident income, this includes pensions, dividends, royalties and interest income. 


Sephardic & Jewish Ancestry

In 2015, the Portuguese government issued a law granting Sephardic Jews of Portuguese descent, who were exiled during the religious persecutions of the late 15th and 16th century, the opportunity to apply for Portuguese citizenship. Individuals are not required to speak Portuguese or live in Portugal but they must be able to demonstrate their connections to a community with Sephardic origins through ancestral documentation. The process can take approximately 6 months, but once approved you obtain a travel visa allowing you to work, study and travel to all countries of the Schengen Area. Some of the requirements for the application are as follows;

  • Full Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Criminal record from country of residence
  • Certificate or authenticated documents, issued by the Jewish community to which you belong, proving heritage bewteen the applicant and the Portuguese Jewish Community

Making a purchase or investment overseas can be multi-layered with many elements to consider. Our services ensure you are hand held through each phase of the process, so no steps are missed, and you have peace of mind that all important details have been addressed and professionally managed.